Father Browner 




Died after July 1826
Biography Mariner, silk mercer
Marriage married Catherine Holmes (Dunbar)

marriage date 7th Sept 1795 Plymouth RC Church.


? Simon born c 1796 buried 27th April 1799 at Stoke Damarel Church, Plymouth aged 2years 9mths

Catherine Born 18th June 1800 christened 29th June Plymouth RC Church, Died??

m Thomas Armstrong mariner 9th Feb1819 St Thomas' Church, Park Lane, Lpool.

John Donevan mariner born 1st June 1803 christened 20th June 1803 Died before April 1839

m Maria O'Connor marriage date 17th Sept 1824 at St Nicholas Church, Liverpool.

Joseph ship steward Born 10th March 1805 christened 14th Apil 1805 Plymouth RC Church, Died ??

Mary Ann Gilbert Born 8th July 1807 christened 19th August 1807 Plymouth RC Church, Died 15th Sept 1939.

m Stephen Isaac Bromley bookeeper marriage date 7th Jan 1829 St James Walton, Liverpool.

Leonora Teresa Christened 25th May 1808, Plymouth RC Church, Died 24th October 1847 Liverpool.

m John Oswald mariner born 28th October 1808 christened 21st June 1810, St James' Church Liverpool.

Richard Holmes 17th Nov 1811 Devonport, Plymouth christened 1st Jan 1812 Plymouth Catholic Church.

m Mary Ann Fernyhough Maddocks christened 11th Jan 1810 Neston Wirral, Died 26th October 1887 buried 29th October St James's Cemetary Liverpool.

marriage date 13th July 1833 St Phillips Church Liverpool

? Julia Born c 1815 buried 15th December 1837 at St Nicholas Church Liverpool aged 22


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